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Copper clean-up idea

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I was gonna post this as a reply to the invert killer thread, but I though I would just start a new thread and get some ideas:

There has been a running theme of Cu contamination around here lately. Has anyone ever read about treating a tank with EDTA or some other metal-chelating agent to get rid of any trace Cu that might be adhering to the tank? You would want to do it while the tank is empty of anything living, as EDTA will also chelate Ca and Mg and other "good" metal ions, but the thing about EDTA is that once it has chelated to the metal ion, you can just wash the EDTA-Cu complex away. And since reefers usually add PLENTY of calcium to a tank, it wouldn't really matter if there was a little left over in the tank, it would disappear after a few water changes.

The EDTA might also "draw" the Cu out of the glass and silicone etc, as it would bind up free Cu and then the equilibrium would reestablish itself, releasing more Cu from the glass/silicone etc into the water. I could imagine soaking a tank in a solution of EDTA (for days, possible changing the EDTA solution a couple of times?) as a way to clean the tank before setting it up.

There are also other metal chelators out there, EDTA is just the most common. It is used for lead poisoning (you actually drink a solution of EDTA, and the EDTA-Pb complex is excreted).

Am I nuts?
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wow that sounds awesome!! so i could potentially save all of the equipment on this 55? heck i'd be willign to try it, i'll have to move the 55 anyway once the 75 is ready to be setup.

wher would i find this miracle drug? and how much will it set me back?

as long as there would be no side effects, like it staying in the tank and then killing any future inhabs, i'd try it out.
yeha let me knwo, that would be great.. but keep in mind, if it costs $12,546.00 per bottle, it will be cheaperto just buy new equipment :funny:
those are some big words there buzz :)

as for tossing the equipment.. nah i wont do that, it seems safe enough for my fish, they are all doing greta, as is my star, cowrie, and peppermint. this tank my jsut remain a fowlr and i suppose i'll be content with that, since i'm getting the 75 anyway.

but i do relish the thought of a good hammer to the front glass. iwill say this. it does feel good, but the impending aftermath is not as good as it sounds. i did this once on a 30gal.. it was fun for exactly 1.032 seconds. then i got wet.
buzz, tried answering your pm....clean out your inbox!!! :funny:
hey, for 12 bucks i could save my skimmer and pumps.. i'm all for it.. i'll give them a call tomorrow and see if it can be used in an existing tank, etc.. and we'll see.

if they say it can, well, i might jsut give it a try, heck its only 12 bucks!

or even better, i could jsut slap a piece of rock and some water into a bucket or another empty tank and try it form there..

i'll give them a call. thnaks for the link jimmer!
1 - 5 of 41 Posts
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