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hey I would like to know that if a tank has been treated with copper would I have a population explosion of bugs and worms, and other things too...
This is a 20 gal that has been sitting empty under my main for several months and I set it up about 3 months ago, just to see what would work. Well now I have a nice light (though I think I will add another) lotsa rock (about 40 lb) and coodies all over the place (I had a lot of fun watching a worm come out this morning and ingest a huge piece of food... I had no idea they had mouths that big!!:eek: ) There were also some polyps that have been in there since day one (they were on a rock from the main tank and were burried under a tone of halimeda, I had no idea they were there until I took the rock out from under the halimeda) and they are doing quite well. Also added a bunch of moon polyps ( Protopalythoa sp.) and they are going bonkers.
See the thing is that this was a fresh water tank for a long time. And I kept fancey guppies in it (stupid fish) and they were always dieing on me... so I tried a couple medications first to see if that was the problem, and then I gave up on meds and guppies all together (although if you look in my 55gal fresh there are guppies in there... sigh one never learns, except these ones don't die, they just keep having more babies:rolleyes: ) I am not sure what meds I used or if any are copper based... so what do you think? Could I have all these critters doing so well in a treated tank?
Plus I saw a jelly fish flitting around in there today (it was very tiny and quite delicate... I love jelly fish!) Is this a real jellyfish or just somebodies larval form? These aren't those bad anemonies are they?
Anyway thanks for the help... it's been a couple of years since I cylcled a tank and I forgot just how exciting it is to see all this stuff pop out on your rocks...:D

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Well the blooming you are experiencing would seem to go against having used copper , but it can be insidious and sneak up over a long time, resulting in a slow wasting effect rather than a sudden crash. Take water samples and have them tested
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