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I was wondering what people here thought of the coolworks microchiller. Has anybody used it or heard anything about it?

This is where I would post a link to the coolworks microchiller, but you have to have 5 posts to add links and I only have 4. :doh: But a quick google search will bring it up to anyone who is curious.

Do you think that it would cause less evaporation than simply having a fan blowing across the top of my tank? Do you think it would work at all?

I know it is much pricier than a fan, but I am looking to set something up that will keep my tank cool with as little evaporation as possible for this summer while I am gone on a couple of different trips. I will have somebody dropping by my place to take care of my tank but they will probably just drop by once a day and if I use a fan, the tank could use topping off twice a day at the minimum.

This is for a jbj picotope 3 gallon reef tank

any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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