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Successfully maintained for 2 years, but I'm moving back to Chicago soon and I think it's time to put this hobby on hold for a few years. I'd prefer to sell the whole thing at once, but will be happy to sell the equipment separately as long as the fish, corals, and inverts go first.

- 30g glass tank with wood cabinet stand
- 2 small heaters
- Rio 1400 Powerhead
- 135w CF light fixture with lunar LEDs
- Light timer
- BacPac Protein Skimmer with 266gph pump
- ~35lbs of very cool live rock
- ~30lbs live sand
- Paired False Percula Clown with Long Tentacle Bubble Tip Anemone
- Cardinal Fish
- 2 Peppermint Shrimp, 1 Emerald Crab, 1 Hermit Crab, Turbo Snails
- Button Polyps
- Mushrooms

Located Grosse Ile, MI

email: [email protected]


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