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We have decided to sell our home and start to build a new one. I am going to sell off my current setup as I while be doing a bigger inwall tank and I want to start out fresh.

EVERYTHING comes with this tank EXCEPT ofr my zoanthids, and a Blasto Peice. I know it may be hard to sell as a complete setup, but I must try.

I am asking $2300 for this entire setup, and I will entertain reasonable offers for serious buyers. No low balling please. This is hard enough as it is. Of course this is a no shipping deal. I can get detailed pics but as of right now I will not unless I have a serious buyer.

125G AGA Tank Dual Overflows 2 Years Old & plumbing
Cherry Stand & Canopy 2 Years Old
Aprox 200lbs LR
Sump (Converted Wet Dry)
Tunze Auto Top Off
MR2 Skimmer Dual Becketts (One beckett may need to be replaced)
Three 250w Metal Halide Retro's (Magnetic Ballast, Reflectors, Used Bulbs)
220w VHO Ballast, Endcaps, and URI Actinic Bulbs
Aquacontroller Jr with Temp Probe and PH probe (Need a DC8 for this)
Mag 24 Pump
Quiet One 4000 Pump
Kalk Reactor (not sure of make got from a trade)
Two Seio 820's and 4 PH's
Tunze Calcium Dispenser
Phosoban Reactor
Timers, Strips, Buckets, etc...

Corals: (These are a mixture of frags to small colonies to large peices) I do not know what some of the sps are called so I am guessing on some.

Dark Green Pacilipora, Brown Digitata, Pink Digitata, Purple Tip Acro, Green/Blue Mili, Purple Base Acro, Pink Mili, Blue Acro w green Polyps, Green Acro, Green Slimer, Hydnaphora, Hairy Mili, Blue/Green Candy, Sun Coral, Neon Green Pacilipora, Green Digi, Purple Tip Acro, Pink Acro, Blue/purple tip Acro Colony, Green Plate, Pink Tip Frogspawn, Purple Gorgonia, Orange Plate, Purple Rimmed Plate, Purple Plate/Blue Polyps, Army Green Plate, Large Green Sps, Green blue Tip Acro, Pink Birdnest, Neon Green Hammer, Yellow Fiji Leather, Rose Anemone, Green Star Polyps, Candy Cane, Misc Frags...


Naso Tang, Kole Tang, Regal Tang, Pair Percula Clowns, Mandarin Dragonet, Scotter Blenny, Skunk Clown

Tank looks like this as of right now!

Pic when first set up so you can see the stand and canopy. This was with PC lights. The stand is still in EXCELLENT shape.

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