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Hi everyone!

I currently have a 30g biocube that has been established for 3 years, and im going to a 110g.The 110 gallon has been set up for a week and a half with 100 lbs of live sand, about 35lbs of fully cured live rock, and another 60 lbs of dry rock. I currently have 2 fish in there, and multiple hermits. I have had no ammonia spike or anything. So here is my question. Would it be ok to move everything over to my 110g yet? In my 30g I would take all the live rock (about 50 lbs) and the livestock/corals which include the following:

2 clownfish
1 goby
multiple cleaners
2 bubble coral
2 frogspawn
1 anemone

I wouldn't take the live sand from the old tank because I have enough, and don't want to stir it up.

So i know the 110 has only been up for a week and half, but im just wondering if by taking everything over from such an established tank and not increasing the bioload (I wouldn't be adding anything for at least a month) if it would be ok?

Any help is appreciated, and unlike a lot of reefers, I am actually going to listen to the advice im given :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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