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cls pump recommendations please

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ok folks i THINK i may have narrowed down the pump i'm going to get for my cls... i figure if i get one of these larger rated pumps, i can put in a few extra outlets mid tank, instead of having them all below the rocks. so i can get some more circulation.

so, my requirements are: QUIET, RELIABLE, and good gph.
the pump will be external, and may possibly be on the tank level, instead of down below, this should help with higher gph, due to the reduced verticle head.

so, of these three, what would you all recommend? keep in mind, i need one that's really goign to be quiet. if you think i should look at a different brand etc.. please, let me know. i've looked at and considered mag, but since it will be external, i've heard mags can be pretty chattery. oh yeah, and i'm trying to stay around a hundred bucks plus shipping.

so here are my three choices:

1st is a quiet one 1140 gph from premium for 99 bucks.

2nd is a genx mak4 1200 gph from my reef creations for 125

3rd is an md55 1125 gph ( i think this is a mak4 equic) for 119 Water Pumps.htm

thanks for any input everyone
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I'll send you private message, your question I can't answer here...gotta follow the rules, ya know.
woops, sorry lise, brain fart... :D i edited the post :rolleyes:
i have one of the old style quiet ones now. it is unbelievably quiet. i have to return it for replacement because it is overheating. they will be sending me one of their new ones. i do not have one of the new ones yet. the one i am replacing is the one you have linked. i would call Premium Aquatics and see if they have the new ones in yet. PM me if they do. they are also significantly less expensive. i would not recommend the old style. there are a lot of cracked cassing and overheating issues, but it is quiet.

i would also believe that they would not produce anything that would be noisy since that is what their market is.

Quiet ones have a real problem with overheating. I have sent one back already and now my other is starting to overheat. They are quiet but from my experience I don't think they are reliable.
Jay, I hope you dont mind me hopping in on this one.

I am looking for a CLS pump myself.

I am looking for about 700-800 GPH. I may even add a SCWD to it. Are they really good?

Any ideas would be great.

no problem rob, thats what trt is here for :)

thanks for the input geoff and laddy.. i'll see if them, or anyone else is carrying the new ones..

anyone have an opinion on the mak4 or the md55. i've never heard anything bad about them, but are they quiet? this tank is 5 feet from my bed, so noise is an issue. i'm currently using a cap2500 on the 55, and its relatively quiet, so anything at least as quiet as that will do. but yes, i'm looking for reliable as well.
geoff you talking about these? you're right, the price is waaaay lower.. 1500 gph for only $119!!! i'll have to chekc with our sponsors to see if they carry these!! they look cool too!!
Jay, i have 3 custom sea life velocity t-4 pumps, i really like the way they perform and on top of there great performance they are silent. i have heard stories that they run up the temp, but i have not found that to be true. i have to heat my tank all year round. they are also very compact. the t-3 sounds like a perfect candidate for your tank.
hmm those velocity pumps do look pretty good, albeit a bitmore pricey that i really wanted to spend right now.

i've found the quiet one 6000 (1500gph) for as low as 87 bucks on line, from a reputable dealer... i'm seriously considering that pump or a mak4.. but havent heard yet if the mak is quiet or not.

i'll have to give premium and underwater a call tommorrow and get some prices, in case the website is not fully up to date....

i need to order a pump by tommorrow afternoon....
ok folks. one last bump.......hoping for a few more recs before ordering tonight....

thanks :)
only four people have an opinion on these pumps? c'mon people throw me a bone :D

btw: now i'm considering iwaki (american motor) and a few others
for quality and reliability at an affordable price i dont think you can beat a mag. i would pick a mag over any other pump in your price range. although i only run my reactor mag externally.
eeek!!! i've heard those are unbearably loud or chattery

i'm buying SOMETHING tonight or tommorrow.

finalized the choices down to a velocity t-3, a new style quiet one 6000, a mak4, and an iwaki wmd40xrlt

though i foudn someone selling
WMD 30RLXT for 60
WMD 30RLT for 60

so i MIGHT buy both of those. use one for cls and one for skimmer. just a bit nervous about buying something from someone on a different board, whom i dont know, and only has 10 posts to thier name.. so, not sure how i'll handle that.
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If I were you, I'd buy the pumps brand new. No infrence on the seller - but you will have a warranty just in case.

When I first started in this "hobby" (so that's where all my monies are going to) I was given good advise, buy your equipment used - ie: tank, stand, hood but buy your pumps new. You don't want to inherir someone's problem. Sorry just my $ .0002.

I have amag in-sump and it's quiet and a Quiet one as well, just can't hear if it's running. And have one of those "older" models as well, they do get quite warm:eek:
Jay - I run a Mag 7 in a sump that sits beside my stand, not inside it, and my skimmer is louder than the mag.
I had an old quiet one pump similar to the one in the first post. Except it was a variable speed. You couldn't hear it running at all. It always ran hot though and after about 2 years failed. I replaced with an Iwaki md40rlt in 1997. When I first got the Iwaki I screwed it to the insde of my stand and it sounded like a small jet taking off. After isolating it with a mouse pad it makes noise comparable to the fan in my canopy. IME the Iwaki is louder due to the fan but, it is still running. I have never had any experience with any of the other pumps mentioned.
ampmaster ampmaster ampmaster ampmaster ampmaster ampmaster ampmaster ampmaster ampmaster

I use a ampmaster 2100 and it is silent!
ok, decided not to go used, for the same reason that wanareef posted. and yeah i'm spending the dollars on a pump so that it'll be a good reliable pump, might as well get the warranty with it.

i really dont want a mag for my cls, and i jsut keep hearing from so many people that they are chattery.

i've decided too, to up my price range to around 150, so i can get reliable AND high gph AND quiet. so i'm gonna keep looking for a few more hours but i'm buying today.

thinking i might go with the biggest model rio :funny:

ampmaster, even the 2100 is way out of my range.
ok 150 now were back to the velocity t - 3
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