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Planning to run a 160g mixed reef (65 x 26 x 24). Mostly softies & LPS. SPS maybe.....
I will have a shallow sand bed just out in the open. Plan for about 700gph from sump pump and about 4500gph from CLS.
Basically very similiar to my last setup but a bigger tank.

What does everyone suggest for return routing/placement?

-Debating doing a spray bar under/behind rock to push sand & detritus out from under rock. Spray Bar would be controlled via BV to regulate all or no flow through it.
-Two returns in top back corners from sump ran on a SCWD.
-Two returns in bottom back from CLS--Constant or on some sort of ocean motion
-Two more returns maybe middle back on top as well? Front of tank on top??

Attached is a picture of my old layout......


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