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Clownfish stop hosting anemone

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I have tank-bred spotinchus clownfish and sebae anemone. I had the spotinchus clownfish for 5 months and the sebae for 6 days. When I got home from work, I saw my female clownfish goes into sebae anemone and not my male clownfish. I was happy but later at night, I saw my female clownfish stop hosting my sebae anemone and slept with my male clownfish on the sand bed. Then today this morning, I didn't see any of my clownfish host the anemone. Will my clownfish ever host the anemone again? Should I try to force the clownfish to host the anemone? What should I do to make the clownfish host the anemone?
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Just give them time. They know it's there and will go back if interested. Forcing them will just stress them out. How does the anemone look? Clowns will stop hosting an anemone if it's not healthy.
It looks healthy and happy ever since i put it into the tank. It stay in one spot. The foot is still sticky. It was eating two days ago. I'm going to feed it again today with mysis shrimp.
If the anemone looks healthy then I wouldn't worry about it. The clowns will hop back in it when they feel like it. :p
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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