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Clown Problems

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Hi everyone,

I have been missing in action lately.....not able to get here much as it is our busy time of year....however I have a quick question. I have the 2nd 90 going now, and added the first fish......another foxface of course, and a pair of black ocellaris (sp?). They came from Dr.Mac in VA. and of course I am in SLC. Not sure if it was the trip or what, but when they arrived it almost looked as if the female was spawning.....:eek: in the bag:eek: :eek: is some sort of growth on her belly.....and within the first hour or so it had spread to her fins, top, bottom and rear. Also the male ended up with three of these spots....they are bumps, kind of look like eggs. But they are hard as a rock....we took them out tonight and gave a freshwater dip and tried to pry them off.

I was able to get one off of the male, it was almost the texture of a piece of fingernail......but looks like bubbles.......

The male's has grown a little on his gill, but the female has not gotten any worse. Hers started out much worse though......I tried to peel it off of her, but when I went after the pieces on her stomach, it was attached so well that it was tearing the I left it.

Just wondering if anyone has seen this or may have any ideas.:(

I cannot get any photos, as they are just too fast and never really slow down......

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.......

Thanks !!!!:beer:
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That's an odd one. I would have said Lymphocystis except it isn't that hard to the touch and usually can be removed fairly easily with a razor blade. Although L is sometimes called "raspberry disease" because it can feel like the small bumps on a berry. Did you happen to look at the one you pulled off under a magnifying glass or a maybe a microscope?

well i have a 20 gallon that i have treated with copper and when i get paricites i throught the fish in there its saved my 100$+ in stock i suggest you do the same make a tank and treat the fish in copper.
in saltwater you cant treat a reef tank with copper as the coper leetchesin to the sand and lr and kills all your inverts..... some do have quareteen tank for this purpose to treat with med....
Strange huh....after some additional hours of searching......I had narrowed it down to that (lymphocystis) but like you said, it is strange that it is hard.....also the female is definately not very black at this point.....I do not know if she was before or is not brooklynella....I do not have a microscope......but tonight I am going to try to get another piece off and take it to my vet and see if he can ID......Very Very strange......

I do not believe it is a parasite as it is not really spreading.....
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