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Hi All , need some help to save my clown.

We have just moved into a new house and the fish spent longer in a 20 gallon tote than I originally intended. I have had an Emperor 400 filter running in the tote for about 10 days.
Long story short, 2 days ago awoke to find flame angel and blue damsel dead. clown, tang and goby seemed ok.Water tested ok, Sal 1.024, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrtite and nitrate 40 ( high I know), pH 8.2 and temp on the low side at 71f but stble.

75 gal Tank finally ready last night. Sand settled and live rocks,that I have had for 2 years, are in. After noticing that clown was listless, I decided to get the 3 survivors out of their tote ASAP. I may have rushed acclimation a little but salinity was identical to tote and temp had risen over about 20 minutes to 77f. Tank water had been aerating all day but final top up of freshly mixed salt water only completed an hour or so before fish introduced.

  • Tang feeding, albeit not as voraciously as normal, goby acting completely normal
  • The clownfish is swimming at the bottom of the tank vs. his normal surface swimming. His eyes are cloudy. He is not eating. Appears to be gasping. No noticeable spots on him.
Could it be stress? Ammonia (zero level in either water), or an infection?

Should I try to isolate clown or would another move just add to his stress?

Is there a downside to adding medication for fit fish/ live rock? If so, what med do you recommend?

Should I raise the temp in the tank to try and kill any bacteria/parasites or would that stress out the other fish?

Should I keep the tank dark to cut down on stress?

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
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