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Clown Experts come here.

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I have a 65 gallon mainTank- 25 gallon sump/refuge

I plan to keep a good amount of SPS, softies, and clams.

I would also like to keep a good amount of fish in the tank. My cycle chsould be over in about a week.

I want to start with some clown fish and am unsure which would be best.

Currently I have Fals Percs in my 18, but would like to go with something that will get a little bigger and play nice with other fish. I will want a clown which will host in a carpet or bubble or other type of anenome. I love maroons and tomatos, but know good enough that is too much of an aggressive fish for my application. So what should I be looking at in terms of a clownfish? I want soemthign with alot of character and color.


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I say go with yellow banded maroons. They get BIG and are beautiful.; They also host fairly easily to anemones. (Especially if you can find a pair already in one and buy all three as a set).

But watch out. The female gets pretty possessive of her space. There is one at my LFS that bights the employees any time they get anywhere near her home..... :)
I have a clarki and I will tell you he is aggressive. He host my BTA and my LTA. I tried to put in two Perc's that were bigger than him and he took the two of them on at the same time and had then drove into a corner!!! I hope when I put them into the 72 gallon it won't end up the same!

I have 2 clarki's, they are the soo friendly. They eat out of my hands...Maybe I just got a friendly couple...

Clarkis get bigger, and there some of the nicest clows....
Oh don't get me wrong he is very friendly, comes right to the top of the tank when he see's me, and he gets along with the other fish and inverts, but the 2 perc's who tried to get in his anemones he didn't like!!
Clowns are like people, we generalize and they do it differently anyway. Second is the tank raised are different from the ocean raised from what I've seen. Especially the maroons. I have a number of Maroons that are tank breed and they are fairly dosile. Very protective of their anemone sometimes and not so other times. But most do not go after fish more than a few inches from their anemone. I had one that even shared his anemone with a bangaii cardinal. I wish I had gotten pictures of it.

very good point about tank raised......
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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