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I know that there are a countless number of cloudy tank posts on here and i should not be starting a new one but I have been reading a number of them for days and still am puzzled to the source of my cloudy water problem problem. If there are any good threads that you think will relate please let me know.

First off I'll give you my Parameters:
Ca: 400 ppm (Salifert)
Kh: 8.3 dkh (Salifert)
Mag: 1260 ppm (Salifert)
Phosphate: <.015 ppm (Salifert ... I do the test at double sensitivity and it is still hard for me to tell if there is any color)
Nitrate: <1 ppm (Seachem)
Nitrite: 0 ppm / Undetectable (Seachem)
s.g. : 1.026 (ATC Refractometer)

Heres the Rundown:
1. Stoped using Kalk (1/3 concentration in top off water)
2. Next day tank got cloudy, Soft Corals Shriveled up
3. 30% Water Change
Dosed with 2 part (small dose, 5 ppm worth)
Left for for X-mas for 4 days
5. Came home and my tank is still cloudy,
Added Carbon in a bag to the sump.
6. Picked up a acro frag that the LFS ordered me, yesterday.
6. Came home from work today and the tank is still cloudy and one of my new acro frags RTNed
7. Today I ordered ESV Mag, I want to raise the mag level to 1400

My tanks is cloudy. All of my soft corals are closed up and one of my new acro frags RTNed(In not sure the RTN is completely related to the cloudy tank but it couldn't have helped!!!).

There are two things that i have read that it could be. Bacteria Bloom and Marine Snow. I do not believe that my mag levels are low enough to cause it to snow at the Ca and KH levels that I have. IT could be a bacteria bloom, i did have a fish die about a week before the start of this but i got him out pretty quick, (within 12 hours) and the nitrites and ammonia are at zero.

Heres a little more detailed description:

I have been using ESV kalk (1/3 saturation) in my top off water for the past few months and decided to stop as I was leaving the tank for a few days and stopped using the kalk in case I had an ATO failure while I was gone. I gave it a dose of ESV 2 part before I left to boost the levels a bit so that they could drop as i was gone. I am very familiar with my tanks consumption and only dosed 40 ml, nothing out of the ordinary there I've used ESV 2 part for years, I use a 20 ml serine so i know i didn't overdose. After a day off of kalk the tank started to get cloudy. I had to leave so i did a water change, and dosed it and figured it would be good when i got back a few days later.

When I came back the tank was still cloudy. I have tested and retested all of my levels in the tank and can not find the cause. Ill post a few links in a follow up post.

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Well I had the same happen to me. Never figured out what the source of mine was. All my parameters were in check and the tank was about 4 months old but was started with my old tank and all new water. It was White cloudy as well. Fought with it for abou 2 months and was about to give up. Finally bought a UV sterilizer and was fixed in 3 days. Now I'm not saying that's the right thing to do, I know it's not. But it worked for me. I tried to find the source and never could. Best 100 dollars I spent on my tank. Now my water is crystal clear
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