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After seeing R3's post, it got me to thinking about all the stuff I have lying around. I will list below. All Items can be viewed here

Prices are OBO, please be reasonable. I also may be interested in trades for interesting SPS frags.

Air Water & Ice Typhoon III with pressure guage, back flush, 75gpd membrane, dual inline tds meter, float valve, reverse flush kit and everything you need to hook it up including manual. This unit is about a year old and has had no more than 200g run through it. I just replaced all 4 of the cartridges(7/29/06) including the DI and ran maybe 100g through it while filling my new tank. I own two of these and had intended to use one for my topoff system and one for my water change system(this was located in our pump house) but have since decided to move my water change system into the main house, so I only need one. These are excellent RO/DI units. I am asking for $175 OBO. This unit with all included accesories would cost $278.85 shipped from Sold

Little Giant submersible pump $15.00 new never used. 170 gpm Sold

Anti-vibration pad for Dolphin Ampmaster pumps, I believe this will also work with the larger sequence pumps. $5.00

TOM in-line flow meter . I have three of these. They will measure 50 - 250gph. $5.00 each

Two VHO endcaps withought the legs $5.00

1.5" sch.80 union with nipple $5.00

Hannah pocket TDS meter $10.00 Sold

Two clear filter housings and one refillable container $20.00

An automatic shutoff valve for an RO/DI system $5.00

Three 3/4" Uniseals $5.00

Power sweep power head $5.00 Sold

30g glass tank with blue back. Dims. 24x13x17 it has a small chip in one of the edges but holds water fine. $10.00 I also have a raw wood hood that fits this that comes with.

10g glass 5.00

The following items are free.

Two strip lights for 10g

1" manifold, I made this for my 240 but ended up going to 1.5" so I have no use. It would be a shame to throw away.No longer available

1/2" loc-line fitting with flair

Mismatched overflow box

Return U-tube
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