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We came across more items that we have for sale.
Reef ready nano
-10gal glass tank
-drilled once on each side panel, 1 hole for overflow and 2 holes on back panel
-painted black on back panel
-black acrylic overflow box
-includes bulkheads
-no leaks and is in great shape
$100 OBO
Pick Up Only
-4 reflectors (great for any type of lighting)
-4ft long
-selling together - not seperately
Will ship using UPS ground for an extra $15
Pick up also available

T5 hood
-4ft (48") long with hooks for hanging
-54watt, 6 bulbs, two switches, two plugs
-no bulbs included
-still works great
Will ship using UPS ground for an extra $40
Pick up also available
Beautiful Prop Tank
-This prop tank was built for us to use when we sold corals at reef club meetings.
-Main tank is made of plywood sealed inside with fiberglass and FRP.
-There is an overflow that is the complete length of the tank (see photos). There are 4 drilled holes in the overflow wall.
-This tank is not drilled for a sump but can be very easily done.
-Edge of tank has painted trim for a finished look.
-Stand and light stand are built to be able to be taken apart in pieces for easy take down/setup and transportation.
-Stand and light stand are painted black. Tank is painted blue with white trim.
-Does not leak. We used this tank for almost a year with no problems.
-Includes wooden hood that is painted blue to match tank and has eye hooks for hanging with chains. *no lights included*
-Inside of wooden hood is painted white to help with reflection of light.
-Skimmer in pictures is not included.
-Has wooden box attached to hold ballast.
-Tank measurements are 37.5” W x 49.5” L x 10.5” H
-Overflow measurements is 9”W x 49.5” L x 10.5” H
-Overall height being completely setup 77” H x 53” L x 37.5” W
-84 gallons
-Stand and light stand can be easily changed in height.
-Tank will be completely cleaned out before pick up
$700 OBO
Pick Up Only
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