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i have adopted a clarkii clown instead of watching it get flushed. i pick it up tonight, my problem is I already have 2 false percs that have been in the tank for a few months. are they gonna squabble or should they be campatible somewhat. im very worried about this:confused:
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What size tank? Chances are there is going to be a some problems. I think someone else on the board recently had this problem. You might want to do search and see what was said.
yeah thats what im afraid of its only a 55 gal. tank.
they will squable....unless you have a 125 or larger only 1 species of clowns per tank
Yep thats me I have two perc's and a Clarkii or should say had. The Clarkii would have killed the two percs so I had to sell him back to the LFS. I did however have anemones which made him a very agressive fish!! He would go out of his way to attack both of them, I tried them in my 25 gallon and then upgraded to a 72 gallon and neither tank worked. I wish you all the luck with your fish and I guess sometimes you never know.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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