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Well I just got a Koralia 4 and can now compare them to the nanosteam 6025 and maxi-mod on MJ1200 as I have all three...

The maximod puts out the most flow! when compared to the Koralia 4, it appears 1.5 times to 2 times more flow...
Next - koralia 4 - just a little better than the nanostream in my opinion..
Nanostream 6025 (unmodded)

I plan on doing the mod to the nanostream - which people claim increase flow by double... if that's true, a modded nanostream 6025 would put out more flow than the Koralia 4!

Nanostream 6025 is nicest IMHO as it's smaller and round
Koralia 4 is next - the size of it is the greatest point against it
Modded MJ - last becuase of my craftmanship... I think I can get it to look more aesthetic if I had the right equipment and time...

Koralia 4 - the suction cup with the magnet make it awesome... the swivel it tight and can be positioned in greater variety of angle than the nanostream, IMO
Nanostream - included magnet is powerful and the swivel allows for a lot of angles... I had the bracket break on me and is currently getting replaced by Tunze (great customer service BTW)
Modded MJ - needs a little ingenuity.. a lot of options available - but require outside components not included with the MJ..

MJs are cheap and DIY the shroud and impeller is easy. Gettign the kits and magnets drive up the cost beyond some of the other being mentioned. +/- $35
Koralia I got a good value for $50
Nanostream - a little on th epricey side at $69

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I have used the MJ mod and now use a Korila 4. I actually like the 4 better because the flow is not always a straight line like my MJ mod was. Wish I could put it on my wave maker though.


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Koralia 4

i have down graded to two Koralia 4 from two tunze 6100's on multicontroller and my corals see to be doing just fine (a 190g mixed reef). i sold my tunzes for the money, been hard times. got 700 for tunze package with magnets and bought two Koralia 4's for a hundred dollars. 600 dollars profit in my opinion. my biggest concern with waterflow is cooling the corals from direct light on my sps and such. i have had a flood do to sump to small when power went out. when the power came back on blew surge potector on floor for tunzes, return, and skimmer. the lights came back on and 2 250's and 1 150 on a 21" deep tank for the day i lost alot of corals(just burned the skin right off them.) i have had no such issues with these Koralia 4's , but do miss the controller. i have herd the seio controller works with them. the only thing with that is i loose some flow with them pulseing and i fear i might need another Koralia 4.

anyways in my opinion the Koralia 4's are the best bang for your buck anyday. they are very big about same size as the 6100's with half as much flow each. they do move to bigger angles than anyother powerhead mount that ive seen and used.

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Just ordered 2 mod kits for my MJ's from Premium today. I imagine they will be a improvement over the stock MJ's, and hopefully i will be happy with them.
At least happy for the money spent, i don't expect them to be equal on a lot of aspects compared to the Tunze/Koralia's. But for the $19 or so each for the kits,i prob will be pleased.
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