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Hi. well i'm new so i'll say a little bout myself and tanks

My specialty (obviously not spelling) is nano reefs, tanks with less than about 20 gallons of volume. I'm 15 years old and in high school. I'm located in denver colorado, and an active member of the rockymountain reef club.

now my tanks...

sorry i dont have any pics at this time
not to much in this tank, i have a few snails and hermits, some lava rock, LS, 2 VHO tubes, 20 gallon sump.

inhabitants are
yellow tail damsel (soon moving to 5g)
yellow watchman goby
A. typcus sea star
bunch of hich hiker stars from 5g
hawwaiin pink sea cucmber
bunch of turncates (going wild in there)
and a few other critters i cant remember.
I use this tank for just flooding and for unsafe hitch hickers

The fun stuff....5g nano
currently no fish. (was crushed by a falling rock)
i have a toadstool leather that i bought as a frag form my LFS(has grown 4 5 or 6 times the size)
many xenia frags that were given to me, and there growing like crazy.
snails, hermits, 2 lettice leaf sea slugs that are offspring of one i had bought.

5g crappy flat back hex from petmart acrilic tank
retrofited with a 32 watt CSL
wisper power filter with no media, filled with LS
8lbs LR, 5 or so lbs of LS.

i add liquid Ca and DKH buffer when it needs it

soon i'm going to add montipora and acropora frags.
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