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When I bought my TLF HOB Phosban Reactor - I saw people tumbling Chemi-Pure Elite in it with no issues.
The first pump I had (Maxi-Jet 600) tumbled fine but over time lost power. So I bought the MJ-1200.
This thing is noisy as all get out - I've seen some people already say it's noisy.
It's strong and I expected it to be but even when pretty constrained it is throwing the little red tiny tiny "beads" of the chemi-pure into my tank.

I have the red plate, the black sponge and added a blue filter foam circle to it AND recently bought Reactor Screens to put on either side of the red plate.

The beads are still getting out. I've restricted the flow obviously but those beads are still flying.

A- will this mean that my tank is going to have issues with Phosphates because I can't remove the red beads IN the tank?

Sometimes I can get them when I'm siphoning my sand but not every single one.

B- Should I move to a different phosphate pellet or something instead?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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