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change in the water

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Sometime ago I had some really bad alga out breaks, do to the fact I was trying to use my unfiltered tap water. I then went back to RO/DI and now have a clean tank. no cyno, no hair alga just a lot of coralline alga and clean water.
Well this might sound strange but i like a bit of the alga look, not the cyno mind you. So what im wondering is should I just plant some plants in the tank or can I add small amounts of tap water and keep a small amount of visible alga alive with out my tank getting to freaky. thanks
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You might try adding select macro algaes. I wouldn't use tap water tho , eeeeeeewwwwwwwww its nasty ;)
Halimeda and Ulva spp.
We have a great deal of Halimeda that hitchhiked in and grows like a weed. (Well, slowly.) It's a beautiful green addition, and is calcarous so our tang won't eat it. That, and when it gets too big, I can sell stalks to the LFS. :) (It always comes back in my tank.)

If you were closer, I'd give you some...
i have had some Halimeda i believe, it looked good for a while, then one day i had a pea green tank, the whole tank. when the green settled i had what looked like a white skeleton of the plant that crumbled to the touch. now this other stuff looks cool. Sea lettuce - Ulva lactuca

going to look for some. thanks you all.
Definately don't go back to tap water. Even if you could decide what type of algea grew, you wouldn't get to decide where, or how much. Lastly all of the other things in the tap water aren't worth putting in your tank just to hopefully get some attractive algea. I would stick with what the others are saying and go with one of the nicer macro' least those you could even turn a profit on at the LFS....if yours will buy from you.

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