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Nothing to see yet but real soon.

A little back story first though.

A while back we learned that my mother-in-law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. As time went by it was clear my father-in-law, though in good health and well meaning, could not take care of her. So my wife and I decided to move us all in together. This required us to sell our house, and them to sell their house and get a new one that suited our needs.

As part of this it ended up that we would live on the second floor and the in-laws the first (to keep my mother-in-law off from having to climb stairs) and we would share the kitchen for dinnertime.

Long story short, this all meant that my 210 gallon tank had to go. It weighs roughly 3000 pounds. That simply couldn't go upstairs as I didn't want to risk it ending up downstairs! I sold off everything piece by piece, rock and all. The community here in Arizona was awesome and helped me by buying it up fast!

After much research I determined I was comfortable with a 75 gallon tank upstairs. Though I read many anecdotal evidence of people keeping larger, I wanted to be secure in how I felt about it. My tank is to be relaxing, not stressful, so I wanted no worry. Fortunately the house is a new build so I was able to watch the framing and determine exactly which wall to put it on and which way the joists ran for maximum support.

So this thread will be my new build thread. I'm starting 100% over. Even my 210 was filled with items I already had, things from other tanks that got folded into it. This time, it's a true fresh start and I'm rather looking forward to it!
Here's the 210 empty...

Here is the new one being picked up at the LFS!

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Yea Chad! Got my seat, let's get rolling!:popcorn: And the very best of luck to you as this comes together,

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Sorry about your in-laws and shutting down the 210, but
congratulations on the new house. SWEET!!! Best Hopes on the life journey.

I know this is going to be a build done right!
C2C and animals desired? Edit, now I see the overflow :doh:

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Chad, I know what it means to have a parent with Alz and I credit you for your decisions and wish you and yours the best.

I know the new 75 will be your chance for solace every now and then and am looking forward to the build out.
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