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Center brace shadow

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Again, a newbie struggling with a lighting decision. :) (I can hear the groans in the background right now!). I have a 65g tank. (36x18x25). This tank has a black center brace.

I was thinking of going with 1 250w MH mounted on the left side of the brace and 2 96w PCs that will span the whole 36". However, I am concerned about the shadow from the brace. Will the PCs eliminate any shadowing from a MH being on just one side, or if I were to mount the MH at an angle, would that help eliminate the shadow?

Any opinions from folk who have run into the shadow issue before?
Lori :)
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Not 100% sure just exactly what you asking.

The center brace will cause negligable shawdowing for the PCs becuase it is diffused lighting.

Mounting the MH centered between the end and the center bar, will not cause much of a shadow because of the type of light spread.

However the tank will definately look uneven as the MH will reach very little if any of the right hand side.

Personally I would not be considering this long term. Perhaps short term if money is an issue until you can get another MH but tank lighting is going to look very uneven.

If wanting to go with a single MH, the comparable tank which would be much more suited would be the Oceanic 58g as tank demensions are very similiar and there is no center brace. Other alternative would be the shorter all-glass 40g breeder tank.

Tanks with a center brace you really need more than one MH.
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now if you are trying to be really creative you could put the mh off to one side, then on the other side make a huge LR cave up to the surface. so the mh light would kinda do a filtered look underneath the LR ledge. maybe able to grow some cool sponges under the ledge.

i also agree that the shadow would be unoticeable if the mh is off to the side. i had to do this on my 125g. i have a center brace so i could not do the normal 3 bulbs for all 6 feet of length. i had to use 2. when one is on the brace shadow is way off to the side, not even in the water.

I replaced the brace on my 36Gl Bow tank with a clear strip of Lexan Polycarbonate and it's working great, so far.
Lexan is very strong and UV retardant also. Best part it was on $4 bucks at HD.

If anyone is interested in how I did it , I can describe it with a Pic just let me know.

- Ekudl
asking if trt wants pics is like asking if a fatman wants dessert :D

bring on the pics!!!

anything diy is always welcome SPECIALLY if it's accompanied by pics!!
Heres the PIC of when its done. I used 4 Nylon Screws with washers and nuts and as an adhesive I used Gorilla Glue.
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