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a few reef related odds and ends...

for those of you that need large tubs for any number of cheap reef tank recepticles (like seagrass refugiums or LR holding tanks, etc) check out tractor supply co, they have a multitude of tanks made especially for holding water and are tosin free plastics and cheap. They also have a multitude of water transfer items that should be applicable to our needs.

just found out I can get true union valves for 1&1/2 inch pipes for less than $15 at Lowes (several aquarium sites list them for $60 and up...)

There is a flexible pvc pipe made for Hot tubs and jacuzzi at both home despot and lowes that make plumbing large tanks much easier andless restrictive for flow. only problem is the larger sizes are about $2.75 a foot... :eek:

GFCI breakers are available, a little pricey, but easier and more effective protection if you have dedicated circuits for your aquaria.

Just a thought, ever considered using a large plactic ice chest for a sump???!!! :idea:

Duct vs duck tape

for your approval...
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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