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a few reef related odds and ends...

for those of you that need large tubs for any number of cheap reef tank recepticles (like seagrass refugiums or LR holding tanks, etc) check out tractor supply co, they have a multitude of tanks made especially for holding water and are tosin free plastics and cheap. They also have a multitude of water transfer items that should be applicable to our needs.

just found out I can get true union valves for 1&1/2 inch pipes for less than $15 at Lowes (several aquarium sites list them for $60 and up...)

There is a flexible pvc pipe made for Hot tubs and jacuzzi at both home despot and lowes that make plumbing large tanks much easier andless restrictive for flow. only problem is the larger sizes are about $2.75 a foot... :eek:

GFCI breakers are available, a little pricey, but easier and more effective protection if you have dedicated circuits for your aquaria.

Just a thought, ever considered using a large plactic ice chest for a sump???!!! :idea:

Duct vs duck tape

for your approval...

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STAYTON T he sudden, tooth-rattling collision nearly threw me out of the boat, which spun wildly, righted itself and continued to slide into a quiet side channel.

We thought it was just another submerged rock, until, within seconds, my feet were drenched by a torrent of water gushing through a fist-sized hole in Jim Martin's aluminum driftboat.

Martin, who lives in Mulino and commutes almost daily this time of year to the North Santiam River, barely missed a cast.

With the help of large river rocks and John Shmilenko of Portland, he hammered the punctured edges smooth, dried the metal with paper towels and . . . voila! Out came the duct tape.

The patch held for several hours (albeit without a bite, other than the one from the submerged steel post).

Duct tape is a new addition to each of my boat boxes. As it turns out, I might be one of the few who have inadvertently left home without it.
most aluminum drift boats have bottoms made with .o85 or better aluminum, they rarely get holes punched in them, and when they do it takes more than duct tape to slow down the leaking :(

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i was buying my true unions at lowes as well. great price. i could not, and stil lcant figure out why online places have them for so much higher. they are really cheap at lowes, and look to be of good construction.

the flex pvc is a bit pricey though! and how exactly do you attach flex pvc? does it still use the same adhesive and primer, and glue to the fittings? or do you use clamps? if you use clamps, wouldnt a union ball valve be pointless?

wanareef. savko has some great prices. i had never heard of them till mojoreef gave me the link last week. i just ordered my schedule 80 1.5" bulkheads from them last night. and their shipping goes by order cost, not order weight, which is kinda cool

they also have clear pvc, whcih will make building my diy skimmer a snap, since i wont have to mess with acrylic!! now, if i ever have a tank that would require a 50 foot roll of plumbing, watch out, because that puppy is gonan be big :D

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Yup Tom,TSC is my friend,,,,
plus i can get dog vaccines fer only a couple bucks,,,,makes it easier that $30 each,at the vets, times 6 dogs!
only one i gotta get done at the vet is Rabies,,,
but i got a "country vet," that'll come down fer bout $25 and vaccine em all,,,,plus cost of the vaccine:D

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for anyone that has ever orderedfrom savko, here is something interesting i jsut found out... it's a 1 man show :)

fromt hte thousands of products they have on thier website, i imagined a huge company, nope just one guy. he does havea part time helper on some days. other than that, it's all him.

i called to check on my order, that i placed last night. i said want the order number, he said "nip, juss gimme yer nim. i said jay thomson, and he said "yip, 4 -1.5 inch scheduhl 80 bulkhids, all packed ip and shipped out, ya shoulda git it timoruh" :)

as many poeple that buy from there, i think i'll send him an email and link about TRT, try to get him on as a sponsor.

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yeah, but not as much per capita as we do. we have like 20% of the countries breweries or something here, and we are one of the smallest states!

there is a store in town here with over 650 varieties of beer. makes me wish i could afford something other than pbr :(

as for fixing items, i am getting pretty good at fixing things around the house with underwater epoxy, superglue, rubberbands, and bridal veil. bailing wire isn't mcguyver enough for me... it is too traditional!
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