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Can anyone build this for me?

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I have sketched out plans for a hood that i will be able to use with binylee's pc retro kit, and eventually for the halides i want to build. basically a 4 sided box, no bottom (obviously) and no back. it will have 2 strips running along the length upon which it will rest. it is going to sit over my 29g tank for now, which is 30" but with this design it should fit over a 60 gallon which is 36"

i suppose if there is left over plywood, a 2 inch strip running along the top of the back would add a bit more rigidity, but i do not think this is necessary.

from my figuring it should all fit in a 4'X4' sheet of 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch plywood, and a single 2"X4"

i am guessing this project would cost about 30 bucks for the half sheet and the single stud... unless someone has this scrap laying around in their shop.

i am planning to go to HD where they supposedly cut plywood for you, having the ply cut to length and width, and then using a screwdriver and whatever scraps i can find at a construction site i would screw it together.

this is assuming there is nobody in the area that was needing a fast weekend project (maybe 20 minutes?) who could help me out with this as i have no powertools, or shop.

i have attatched a really silly drawing that might help illustrate this design. if anyone thinks they can help me out, and needs more information, or some up front cash for the materials, please let me know. i plan on paying for all materials, some money for your gas, and if you let me come over to watch, plenty of beer for us to enjoy while its getting done. if im not there ill drop ya some money to get yer own six pack.

thanks in advance!
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Check out my canopy next weekend at the meeting and let me know it this what you are thinking of , I think it will take more than 20 minutes though, as I dont rush things. I figure if you are going to build something make it right the first time, you dont want it falling apart.
awesome ill make sure to take a good look at it!

I'm moving right now but may have sometime to do it for ya. Have the tools for it.

Maybe in the corners have a 1x1 going vertical maybe 11" long or so, #1give more glue/screw holding room #2 act as a cleat for the hood to stand on over the tank. :confused:

just my .02

let me know- I'm just in the NE
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