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I decided to go ahead and set up a CA reactor even though I don't have any corals in my tank (and don't plan on putting any in for a few months) just so that I have everything in place a ready to go.

The one problem I'm having is getting the pump to draw water out of the sump. I'm using a MyReef Creations ( dual column reactor and from reading the archives there are quite a few people with that reactor and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on getting the pump to draw water out of the sump.

Both columns of the reactor are full but I can't get the pump to draw water out of the tank. I eventually resorted to sucking on the effluent tube to get it primed (tastes even worse than regular salt water :funny: ) and I did get a slow dribble started out of the sump but the flow of effluent keeps cutting off and then the dribble dies off. I have my CO2 canister attached to a pH controller and I don't know if the effluent flow stopping has anything to do with the CO2 cutting off, but ...

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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