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by golly, these look like doors!

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well i got my flip up doors installed today. all that's left now is the double doors down low and the single door up top.

got a great deal on some brass hinges today. and they even have removable pins :) so the doors can be easily removed for long term work in the tank or fuge.

fyi, the unpainted board on the end, is merely there to hold up the canopy, in the absense of the tank.
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another shot.

there will be trim above the fuge door, along the top edge of the stand, goign across the entire front and sides.

and matching, though thinner, trim along the bottom edge of the canopy, across the front and sides.
last one, just a better shot of the fuge door, and step stool door.
it's a really really light blue..

i've made up my mind on going white, with black trim. and then all the paint will have acrylic poly coating over it, so i wont have ot worry about the salt staining the black paint on the trim.

the tank and fuge will also be black backed
i have had royal blue on the backs of all my tanks. the current FO hasa really light blue back, and i'm not happy with it at all.

the walls in the room are really really light blue, almost borderline white.

i decided to BB the new tank and fuge, because i really like the way it makes the inhabs look. and i think the coralline looks pretty cool against the black as well.

i may even repaint the room to go along with it. and i'd like a black/white room better than another blue and white room :)

btw doug that's an awesome pic. i love the rock!!
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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