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buying my new tank in 1 month!!!

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ok guyz, i set up a 72 bow front on may 31st 2003-

and thats in the office, now i want my own.

im looking at a 75 gallon in wall, if i listed some thing off, can you guyz and gals give me ya opinions?!?!-thanx

1-30 gallon sump
euro reef skimmer(cs6-2)
jalli titanium heater
bio tower
mag drive 950 for return

its that a substancial amount of filtration?!? or wud u guyz add sumthing to it

2-i wud like a refugium to drain into the main tank, and with it being an in wall tank, how hard would this be.

i will have about 10ft ion height, and about 36" in width

3-since i wud like to do a sps and clam tank, i am goin to go with halides, but which ones, and what watt?!?!

thats it for about know, thanx in advance

chris( look at the link)

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If you have another room behind the tank, the fuge should be easy to rig up above the tank.

Your mechanical filtration sounds fine (though I don't know what a 'bio tower' is - I assume that you'll have l.s and l.r.

Can't help you with the lights, I don't have MH. :)
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