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Anybody got any ideas how deal with bubble algea other than a emerald crab? I think I waited too long to put in there, might not be able to keep with it now. Either that, or he is not eating it. Thanks:confused:

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Here's info and photo on the well-known Ventricaria ventricosa

Here's info and images of the 4 pertinent species of Valonia

A few other 'green buble algae' are Boergesenia, etc...
Then there's the red Botryocladia, and many, many more...

Generally, when it gets out of hand, careful manual removal is needed to give herbivores a decent chance to keep the vegetables in place.


TRT's Algal database still isn't even 1/10 done, but what the heck...
TRT really ought to have a coral identifier, too...

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My tank was covered with it for several months, but they gradually disappeared. I did add two emerald crabs but I don't think they got them all.

I think stuff like this kind of runs-its-course and after reaching a certain level, it dies off. I have had that happen to several things in my tank.

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