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BTA and Flower anemone in same tank?

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Can a BTA and a flower anemone be in the same 85 gal tank? I have been reading one cant put corals and different anemones in the same tank? How do you all feel about this? What is your experence with corals and anemones in one tank/ more than one anemone in one tank?

Sorry for my newbie questions..I have been reading TFH mags for years but they just didnt cover everything... I was very surprised to read online I cant mix corals with an anemone in a tank:bawling: Now what do I need 2 tanks:confused:

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I don't think this is a newbie question at all. The effects of one organism on another in our little closed systems can be a very complicated and advanced topic, IMHO.

Flower anemones and BTA's can be kept in a system of 85gl with no noticeable complications. I wouldn't fill the system with nothing but these two species though. I would also keep them from coming into contact with each other.

I have been keeping anemones and coral in the same tank for a very long time. The key is to understand the habits of the anemone so that you can limit its tendency to roam the tank. As long as the anemone and coral don't come into contact with each other, you shouldn't have issues.

Allelopathy between host anemone species has been debated for a long time. IMHO, chemical warfare can take place under the right conditions. It's a subject that we don't fully understand though. When keeping two species of anemone in the same tank together, it's wise to keep them as far apart as possible, run carbon, and keep up on water changes. It is possible to keep multiple species in the same system if done correctly.
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Thanks SO Much
:thumbup: So once my anemones seem like they are in a happy place and dont move for a long while, I would be safe to add some corals? I have a large PS but you think I still should add some carbon too?
I have two carpets and two rose bubble tips!!! For the past two years... All is well, the tank has been going for eight years. I keep all four away from each other, my tank is loaded with soft corals... and fish!!! Once the anemones find a spot they like they are likely to be in the same spot for a long time!! I would make sure my other corals are not touching the anemones or vice versa!!! Look in your fish store's main tank... they usually have a large variety of corals in there display tank....soft corals, hard corals, lps, sps, and fish!! It is possible to keep them all together!!!
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