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Hi TRT members this is my first post, but i was reading the forums for quite few months now.

So i got a Brown Powder Tang from my LFS for free due to it has an illness and i was told he is most likely a goner, but since i have QT setup it might recover. It has a mouth injury or dentistry problem i don't know. I read that puffers develop a teeth problem and you have to trim them time to time... is it possible the tang has a teeth problem?

or is there something i can do?

It is very active and eating well, but his mouth no closing. It doesn't have any ich or visible parasites (white dots are in the water)

Image (remove *):

thanks in advance

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If it's a wound, which is likely, then it should heal. If the fish is eating then the wound is clearly not so bad that it can't eat. The fish can live without totally closing its mouth as long as it can eat. Keep it calm and in clean water and keep feeding it...should be fine with time.

If it isn't a wound, but is an infection, then it might require medicine. Melafix, or something like it.
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