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Brown Algae Bloom in 10G nano

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Hi guys,
I've started a SW tank its almost 3 weeks now. I do regular RO water top off. And i feed the damsel 2 times a day.

1st Week - Let the tank cycle, there's 1 three stripe damsel in it since i started.
2nd Week - Nitrate at 0.3, threw in 2 small cubes of frozen brine shrimp
3rd Week - Nitrate level going higher, Brown stuff growing on LR
4th week - ALGAE BLOOM - brown algae release bubbles, and grow all over my tank

Has my tank matured? I'll leave it for a few more days and will check the water parameters this friday.


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I think that brown algae, which are diatoms, pretty much means your tank has finished cycling. I would do a water change then wait a few days and test your water and if it all checks out (no nitrites, no nitrates, no ammonia) then get your first addition.
just a diatom bloom. It is a completely natural and nothing to worry about. Siphon them out or wait until sponges start to grow and outcompete the diatoms for silica.

If it is getting bubbles in it that sounds a bit like cyano, but the pic looks like diatoms.

Either way, siphon it out.... your tank is maturing and soon will be ready for a clean up crew and then finally fish :thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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