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Its been a very busy week for me and I've had to take some time out of my fish tank watching (who needs TV anyway?!)...but I returned to the peace and quiet of my tank to see some unhappy things yesterday :( Please help!

Last weekend I noticed a tiney white spot on my clown goby (his name is Skunky), but it just looked like some sand was stuck to him. He hides a good deal of the time, so I don't see him much when I just casually observe the tank. I was looking for him yesterday, when out pops one of my clown fish, Mary (who is a boy), from the goby's usual hidey hole. Mary did not look so hot...sort of pale with spots that look like pits in his white stripes where orange is showing through.

I immedatly set up my hospital tank. I have tons of meds and was pretty sure it was some sort of protozoa, so I dosed the tank with nitrofurazone.

Then I returned to watching the tank for signs of Skunky and when he finally darted out of his hidey hole, he looked HORRIBLE...death swimming...he has lots of scale colored bumps and he is very very pale.

I recently had to remove my pep. shirmp from the tank b/c it was eating my mushrooms and the event was probably more stressful to the fish than it needed to be and both Mary and Skunky are picked on a little by their tank mates, so I'm thinking thats probably what set the events in motion.

I haven't put the sick fish in the hospital tank yet. I was waiting for the temp to raise and it took all night. Do you think they both have the same thing? Mary has no bumps, but both are pale and not behaving normally.

Should I do a freshwater dip before I put them into the hospital tank?

Do I need something other than nitrofurazone? I don't have a copper test kit, so I'm a little leary of using copper based meds, but I do have CopperSafe. I also have methane blue; super ich cure (active ingrediants malachite green and nitrofurazone); maracyn I (Erythromycin); maracyn II (Minocycline); and Maroxy (stabilized chlorine oxides)...

Sorry the post is so long...

Thanks for reading!
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