Brand new Redsea Max Nano with all the parts never used. Has a very small part damaged to the back it’s the sticker that was ripped I added a photo of the damaged part you all most can’t see it won’t affect the look of the tank or it working. reason I’m selling I ordered a max nano peninsula and was sent the regular Nano the first time the sticker was also damaged so they sent me a new tank and I don’t need 2 tanks. It’s cheaper than buying it from a store or online and again never been used. The sticker can easily be fixed or left alone you can’t see it at the back of the tank. Really nice way to get into reefing all you need is your rock I have extra we can make a deal on that also it’s not live rock sand and a heater and stuff to cycle your tank and you will be up and running. If you are thinking about getting into reefing this is a perfect starter tank.. has a skimmer a light the return pump filter sock and carbon and a small ATO that lasts 3 days

again all parts are there never opened never used tanks never had water.