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Brain hurts!!!

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okay note to self ... dont go into the Think Tank section right before bed, now im going to have nightmares about my dsb creeping upstairs into my bedroom and... uuhh nevermind im gonna go watch monster garage again!! actually i think i just came up with a new sig hehe.:idea:
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hehehehe! On that note, Paul, I'm going to bed ;)
PAul thats so funny, I popped in the other day to see what was up, and with my meds , after 30 sec reading it was like trying to read an ant hill ;)
:help: andTHATS why I don't open them anymore,

Oh, the pain, the pain.......

anybody remember that show...

Lee:beer: :beer:
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Dr Smith, the whiner nonmeritous from Lost In Space :D
:dance: Well, at least I know that I am not the onl;y "old timer".......

:beer: :beer: :beer: beer takes the pain away:beer: :beer: :beer:
it is insane in there. it really is a great read, but plan on doing it for a while.

this is my favorite word so far: bioeoenoses! i am trying to figure out what it means from tdwyatt.

it is up to 32 pages so far.:eek:

i think this is the 4th time it has erupted. in a couple of days it will go dormant again for a week or two, so you all can catch up.;)

it is like being in biology class all over again.

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That is crazy reading. Ill make my kids read it to me so that they don't lose there reading skills over the summer. Ill sit back fiddle with my little tank, and listen to the readings. :beer:
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