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Bowerbanki anyone interested

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I'm looking at trying to get my hands on one of these nice beauties, Just looking here to see if anyone might be interested in going in on a frag?
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Wow... I'm just curious, did anyone else first come up with "auction meth is" before "auction me this", or was it just me? It's kinda sad when I see "meth is" before I see "me this." lol {Joe puts down his light bulb and Zippo} hehe, j/k. :)
joe i saw it the same way. and had you not said anything would still see it that way. kinda scary
Oh you guys!!!!! Can't even say get your mind out of the gutter because it isn't even that!!!!!
lol. I'm having to hold off a little bit on this. I lost out on a few that I was trying to get and this weekend I get hit with a nice bill from the hospital. lol but they can sit on it I say. they wait 5 months before sending me the bill. They must not be in a rush to get it back now. Anyway I'm still looking

I'm not a fan of buying corals off of ebay. In fact I never have, anyone have any good experiences? I'll look up this guy at somepoint.
I've bought from ReefEmpire before and had good success. They usually have a MASS of stuff for sale each week with auctions ending Sunday nights.
well good news I have had this for a week now and things seem to be doing fine.

edit my actinic shot is crap right now. I think it might be my bulbs... But I still like it. This was with a flash.
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here are the WYSIWYG pics. They have a much better camera.

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that looks great you fragging it!!!!!! LOL
WOW, what a beaut! Where did you end up getting it from. Hopefully the bank didn't get hit too bad!
I don't believe I will be fragging this. At least not for awhile (I hope). I got it from aquatic auctions
just keep saying...I WANT TO FRAG ,I WANT TO FRAG IT, I WANT TO FRAG IT........then we all will be happy!!!! LMAO.....

i dont blame ya aaron.....thats a nice piece and would suck to cut it up....BUT LET ME KNOW IF YA stocking up for the 125!!! LOL
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