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Bowerbanki anyone interested

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I'm looking at trying to get my hands on one of these nice beauties, Just looking here to see if anyone might be interested in going in on a frag?
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They look just like Acans. (according to Google images) Got a pic of what you're looking at?
it is an acan jen but they are sweet looking.....mostly red with green splashes is what ive seen......

how much you thinkin aaron? i would be game if the price is right.....
Wow! The day I spend more on a coral than I did on my tank, is the day cows fly!
HOLY CRAP! That is expensive-somebody is making some money on that thing!
yep thats a pic of them alright. I'm trying to get more of a red and bluish or purple and blue. They seem to sell quick usually. Misen at one point was selling some 2 heads for 50.00 I think that was about 3/4"
Here is a nice shot from one of the guys in the cities.

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wow-that is pretty
Aaron, I'm interested in going in on a frag, depending on the price of it and how sweet an acan it is. Let me know what you like when you're looking at ones to buy.

HOLY CRAP! That is expensive-somebody is making some money on that thing!
Yeah but only if they actually sell it! Yikes is right.
currently I have been seeing them go for about 3" x 3" to 6.5x5" but the color really depends on on the price.
whats a ball park price of what your thinkin? i mean if its a $600 that we trying to get then i would have to back out.....just keep us informed aaron...
It would be cool to go in on a coral like this, but who is going to be the one responsible for fragging it??? I know if I were going in on something like this and was the one responsible to frag it to other people I would be very scared!!

Good luck guys, it's a truly beautiful specimen!!
Well, I don't think Aaron's intent was to divide a small colony into like eight frags. lol I think he's looking for maybe one or possibly two people to buy the colony, and then make it into halves or whatever...

I'm also curious about price, very cool, but a bit steep too just like acans lords
What I was looking at was just probably just a few people to see if there was deffinetly interest in one first. The last two weeks I know they were available and I was trying to get in on it. some of the quality was just great. I haven't heard of any available for the last few days :( But thought I would try to get things lined up and see. Definetly they will be around again. Depending on the size and price otherwise I can just try to pick if up and make small frags down the road ( I just thought I would find out ahead of time if people might be interested in a coral like this in the club. Aquaman I would be doing the fragging.
at least we got the FRAGGING GUINEA PIG picked!!!! LOL......

maybe there will be some at the frag swap in june if anyone is goin up PLANNIN on going but not sure yet.........
There are a couple of nice looking specimans on ebay currently.....user is
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