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starting work on local bars reeftank.
as of now undecided on what approach to take in caring for the tank.
it is as of now in poor condition, about k18"x6'x10".75liter/gallon return from small cannister.two rio 2100 pumps internal. no lr, aquarium gravel, hair algae and what appears to be a whole bunch of purple mats of cyano. a uv although not sure of wattage. what i think is a closed airtight canister filter filled with probably bio-balls.a it has about five 4 inch monster hermits that have been eating the fish undoubtedly although the owner doesnt know this. current inhabs are the monster hermits yellow tang that is very badly nipped at and almost white and starved. coral banded shrimp.lyretail hawkfish.two firefish.5 small perculas. 6 chromis.
going to start by removing rocks one at a time and trying to save the yellow tang alhtough i dont know where i could put him may put another tank in line with sps reeftank. until then will give the fish nori with garlic elixer and live mysids to populate the tank. take out those monster hermits. maybe for sump on reeftank. will add a few rocks just to keep it incheck till i can do full remodeling.
*yawn till tomorrow
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