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Biocube 29 Stocking List

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I currently have a biocube 29 nano reef tank with 35 lbs of live rock, 20 lbs live sand, a refugium and tons of copepods, InTank media basket running chemipure elite and purigen, and the stock protein skimmer. At this point I have various mushrooms, zoas, frogspawns, palys, a brain, and GSP. I also have a cleaner shrimp, a randall's watchman goby and a tiger pistol shrimp and a CUC. Later this week I am going to go pick up a mismatched pair of tank bred clownfish, one is an occelaris and one is a black occelaris.

I am also looking to add in this order over a period of a few months:

Mandarin Goby
Royal Gramma
Flame Angelfish

Tank is about 5 1/2 months old. Lots of pods, corraline, and hair algae is gone as of a month ago. Also Amm- 0 nitrite- 0 nitrate- <2.5 ppm PH 8.2
Calcium- 420

Any thoughts, comments, or concerns anyone could share would be great!
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Two clowns and a goby is really the right stocking level for a BioCube. One more fish, depending on the fish, would probably work out. Of the list above the gramma is the only one I would add. The flame would be cramped and the mandarin would struggle to get enough food out of such a small tank. That's my two cents.
As usual, Chad is spot on, so +1
Thanks for the input guys. I really want a flame but based on the feedback I've gotten and the research I've done I guess I am going to have to wait until I set my 180 back up when I finish my degree and find a more permanent place. As far as the mandarin if I get on ORA mandarin that is already eating frozen mysis, (my local fish store claims to be able to get them) do you think that would work out?
I want a flame too! Beautiful fish. They are known to eat corals so I have to do without. It's like that in this hobby, sometimes we have to enjoy the fish we love in someone else's tank. :(
Absolutely. Its a shame. Its the fish that got me into this hobby and yet I've never had one. I've always had a reef tank at some point or another and just couldn't bring myself to chance it because of the expensive corals. I was thinking about it with this tank but its too small based on what just about everyone has told me. One day I will have that FOWLR and get one but until then I guess it'll just have to wait.
I have a FOWLR (55g) specifically for this fish
Lately, with my new tank, I've been tempted to just get one and take a chance with it eating the corals, but I really love my corals.
Yeah definitely, its a really tough call but in the end its up to you. You may get lucky, you may not, but it may just be worth the risk for such a great fish.
Btw your 210 build is looking awesome. It looks like you are living the dream my friend.
Thanks. I've been lazy about photos over the last few weeks and need to post. The tank looks a lot better now.
I too have been dreaming of a flame angel. maybe you want a clown goby for your tank? theyre pretty small aren't they?
Clown goby's are great little fish. I love the yellow ones. So much personality, my girlfriend absolutely loves them and is begging me to get one, so I think I might get one for my 10 gallon nano. @ Tcamos definitely post those pictures when you get a chance I'd really like to see how its coming along and I know a lot of people on this forum are following it :)
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