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big t's tank

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My current tank is a 55 gallon acrylic that started cycling back in October. I moved the contents of my 29 reef around December and then Mojo tore down his 300 in January and gave me loads of frags.

Here are the tank specs
-55 gallon Seaclear w/ dual corner overflows
Home made pine stand and canopy
-440 w VHO Hellolight retrofit lights w/ 2 10k, 1 Actinic bulb and 1
12k bulb
-120 w of overdriven NO bulbs, 1 actinic and 1 super daylight
-20 gallon rubbermaid sump
-Aquamedic turboflotor t1000 skimmer w/ oceanrunner pump, and
the water is pumped thru it w/ a maxijet 1200
-Home made nurce type auto top-off using a 5 gallon jug.
-Mag 7 return pump w/ 2 returns
-Ebo-jagar heaters, 150w and 200w
-80 lbs or so of mixed LR
-Yellow Tang
-False perk clown
-cleaner shrimp
-nasseraus snails
-queen conch
-astrea snails
-strombus snails
-lots of other snails
-1 blue leg hermie
-I have a mixed arrangement of SPS LPS, and softies
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