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Hi everybody,
I'm looking to upgrade my lighting on the aquarium. I have a couple of VHO bulbs right now, 48" length with a coralife ballast. Works great, runs hot though, my water is usually 80 - 81 degrees.
Looking to upgrade to a MH/VHO combo or just MH by itself. I don't have a pre-existing hood already, so I'm looking for a whole unit that has everything. Any ideas where I can go online to find a good deal for a good quality unit? I don't want to spend $700.00 on a hood, trying to keep it around $500 if possible. My tank is 5' in length, but I have adequate lighting coverage from 48" length bulbs, so I don't think I need a 60" hood. Ideas? Suggestions?
My LFS wants about $700 for their MH/VHO combo, thought that was outrageous. They were also pushing the PC pretty hard, but I just don't see the attraction for PC Hood with 6, 55 watt PC bulbs in it. Need a little more light I think. I'm not looking to do SPS or clams, but being a 100 gallon tank, standard size, I think 400 watts total would be enough. Suggestions, Ideas? Thanks.
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