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The hardwood bamboo floors in my living room were installed incorrectly, so this will be the second time I will have to dismantle my tank and move it just to re-move it back when the floors are corrected. As some of you know I will be moving to Houston early next year. I am seeing if there is an interest on here for the whole setup. I can definately help move it and help with setup if you want.
Here is a list of livestock:
2 blue chromis
1 firefish
1 awesome leopard wrasse
1 japanese swallowtail angel
2 bright yellow gobies
1 barber goby
6 huge peppermint shrimp
pink and purple chalk bass
blue neon cleaner goby
beautiful yellow seahorse
fat green spotted mandarin
huge big baby brownish tan seahorse
tons of zoos including blues
several feather dusters
orange gorgonians
brown feather gorgonians
blue purple and red mushrooms
blue star polyps (not kidding!)
green with pink base star polyps
orange sponges
huge toadstool
green fingers toadstool
huge rock of clove polyps with red fan worms
huge head of candy cane
heart shaped split red/green favia
neon green psammacoral ??
100 pounds of totally purple rock
alot of stuff growing on the rock
75+ pounds of black fiji sand
72 AGA RR bowfront tank and custom stand
8 X HD T5 lighting in custom hood with fans
ASM G1X with sedra pump
Melev's reef custom refugium (4 areas)
rena filstar XP3 for nitrate removal
return pump? I forgot mag?? all for $1400.00 some pictures are on the members tank page, or come by and see it live, Carrie
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