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base rock

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At one point I ran across a site that sold base rock. I think it was called something like Hi Rocks. Does anyone know what I am talking about and if they do can you give me a URL?

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check with cobalt, i think hes got some base rock, petland also sells base rock too! youll probably get a better deal with cobalt though.


Brandon & Kelly
Will it is called That is that white base rock that was in my tanks at home. It takes about 3 or 4 months to get encrusted like that tonga branch looking piecs is now.(it was base rock)

I would get it from Cobalt, but it is for our 125 at school, and school is in Columbia, SC. If I needed it in atlanta, Cobalt would have gotten a call a LONG time ago! Thanks for the help.

Ray did you get everything fixed? is the place.

If you look in my pictures section that is what is in my tank. After about 3 months it looked like normal rock to me. When I get ready to upgrade to a larger tank I am going to buy more and seed it with my current live rock. I think it was about 60 bucks shiped. And best of all no PESTS!!!!!!!!

Good luck

Nope, Not yet Will. Still trying to ....boy do I dislike viruses...

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