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I've got a 55g long with a 4 x 54w T5 fixture running:
2 - 12k daylight & 2 actinic

Ugh, I've just had a ballast go out on my fixture and i need to check my instincts...until i get my ballast replaced, should i run 2 x 12k (my thoughts) or run it 50/50? also, should i increase or shorten my lighting duration to compensate?

i have:
button polyps
green star polyps
colt coral
yellow polyps
long tentacle anemone
condylactis anemone

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I would go ahead and run the 12K for the normal amount of time they are usually on. The corals are already used to that lighting, and the actinics were just giving supplementation in the blue range of deeper water. I think everything will be fine with just the 12K until you can get the actinics back online. It may not look as nice as what you are used to, but it should work.
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