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Just wanted to let everyone know, i finally received an email back from They re-route all the emails from the United States to LA. I called an my order will be flown in tomorrow to Regan National which is very close to me, so hopefully all the fish will live....(Crossing my fingers).....
Hope eveyone takes a serious look at their web-site they have so greeeeeeeat deals, it doesn't hurt to try it once and see how it goes.:beer:

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Did they say anything about shipping costs? That is a big concern for us.


If you dont mind me being nosey, I'd like to know what you ordered and what the shipping costs are. Also, are you a dealer? Did you have to provide Fed.ID#? Or can anyone order. It says wholesaler but reads (to me)like retailer. Please keep us posted. Looks like a great site!
Bali Aquarium

Actually you do not have to provide a Fed Tax Id# the only requirement they have when ordering fish is a Minimum order of 10 fish. Here's happens, you put in your order and then they send you a confirmation email with a conf # and then you call them with the conf # and they give the shipping cost, it sucks you have to call so far away, but the prices on their fish are the lowest that I have ever seen. If you send them an email after that with any questions, it takes 3 or 4 days to get one in return
that's b-c they re-route those email to LA, if any of you have any questions ahead of time here's the guy in LA and his #.

Victor Loo 949-295-2960 in LA....
So curiosity is killing me here. Have you got a shipping quote yet?
The shipping will be between $15-$25, I'll find out in a couple of hours...

:eek: Seriously? If thats all, what the heck are we waiting for!!! Us Atlantans will have to pool an order no doubt!!!!
bali aquarium

Well I won't be ordering from bali aquarium.....

Once I called the guy, the shipping and handling was alot different that what I was told in the email. On my order on 10 fish, the shipping and handling would have been over $400, yes that's correct, $400......I think that's enough to keep all us away from the site....

Once I was told looking into a Saltwater Aquarium
is the closest thing to Heaven on Earth.....

No, I dont think we'll order from here. But Im sure glad you found out in advance!

Balia Aquarium has a very interesting web site; especially when I clicked the "info" tab, LOL

I'm finding the whole thing very interesting, actually, and am highly curious.

On the home page, they say they are a retailer, but on the "About us page" they call themselves a wholesaler. If they are indeed a wholesaler, they should only be able to ship to people who hold a CITES permit. Roger and Jodi, I'm wondering if you ever ran across this in any of your communications with them?

As far as shipping times, it's got to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 18 hours just to LA. Then you have to figure possible inspections by Fish and Wildife as well as flight transfer time and flight times to final destination.

If Bali Aquarium has a wholesaler mindset, you have to realize that 30-50% die-off is an acceptable loss. I know they have an "Arrive Alive Guarantee" but you have to pay the shipping back on the dead animals to be credited, as well as pay shipping on the replacements. Who's going to do that for $2.00 fish? This can pay off if you are dealing with large amounts of animals when you are shipping in wholesale, but not on the retail level.

The prices are cheap though, even for a wholesaler, so I can see where exploring this option is extremely appealling. I just worry that the loss factor may be too high for hobbyists and for the animals involved.

I noticed several oddities on their web page; to be fair though, some of them may be problems with the language:

*contradictory statements regarding them being aquaculturists and collectors
*odd listing of animals-under fish, ie, one category for "surgeonfish" and one for "tangs" ("Shrimp" are listed under fish too)
*you can get a Powder Brown for $2.00 but a Powder Blue is $55.00
* they have the leopard blenny for sale, an obligater coral feeder (I've seen it for sale on retail websites, too, and it always bothers the heck out of me; I've emailed those retail sites and they've either pulled the animal from their listings or listed a species requirement along with it)

TDWyatt has done some work for Paul Holthus, the president of MAC, in the past and I've asked him if he could email Paul, to see if he can find out anything regarding Bali Aquarium. I'm going to email Bali Aqaurium directly and see what info they can give me. It never hurts to see what you're dealing with, and hopefully, all will be positive. I'm not trying to sling mud, flame anyone or over react and maybe I'm being over cynical but there's the old saying "If it looks to good to be true..."

Roger, I'd really appreciate hearing how your experience with them played out.

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Heh, I was typing my original reply, walked away from the puter for awhile and then posted without looking to see if there were any updates.

I was wondering about the shipping...I noticed in their "Alive Arrive" guarantee example that they had listed the shipping *per fish*

I also noticed that they ship FOB, which is the standard for shipping wholesale, which means you have a set price for shipping on every 100 lbs. Doesn't matter if your order is only 40lbs, you still pay the standard shipping rate.

I'm still interested in how they get around shipping to someone who doesn't hold a CITES permit, though.

The emails that you send them will be re-routed to a gentlemen in
LA, his name is Victor Loo.....

They don't ask for a Fed Tax ID or Cities Permit, your right the whole thing is a little odd. For instance the only thing you can look on their web-site is the Fish, the supplies and inverts, have been down since I found the site. When I was talking to Mr Loo this morning he mentioned many of things as to why the shipping costs so much, one I remember that you mentioned is the Wildlife, there is a fee that they pay for that as well as many inspection fees, they charge for what they call re-aclamation and re-oxygination of the fish as well, all of that's included in the shipping costs, that 's why is so high..I have canceled my order with them, Mr Loo did say we can go directly thru him, he has a web site as well, that seems a little odd as well, he did say that if you were to order at least $250 you would get a better deal on the shipping. The entire thing is very interesting. Also it took 4 or 5days to get an email back once I sent it to them, but someone returned it...Ask any questions if you like....
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Did you check out Mr Loos site? Whats the addy?:)
Mr Loo's website is as follows: [email protected]
enjoy is the addy but cant see any corals clams or fish site isnt working right hummm
You can check out the corals, or at least you could this morning...
That's what was fishy about his site as well, on both sites all you can see are fish....
Humm Yea weird I dont see any fish:(
I found the fish!

Hmmmm....seems that I hold some very valuable information. Whats it worth to find out how????
I'll have to think about this one awhile:D
So then Mr. Loo is their importer here in the US, which means he should hold CITES and the importer license. He gets the animals shipped to LA and then repacks (re-oxygenates!) the fish if the shipment is large enough to go out on its' own or he has animals in holding and packs the animals to order. He's their broker.

Roger, just curious, were his prices on the fish the same as on Bali's website?

Any wholesaler or importer will tell you, it's not the fish/animals that cost, it's the water (shipping weight.) If Mr. Loo is bumping up the cost of shipping, handling and box charges, that's where he's making his money.

You can get a Black Tip Reef shark for $555 or a Conspicious Angel for a mere $1,700 (no guarantee on that one :() Darn, I was gonna get 2.
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