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Bad things keep happening in Droves

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Well everyone may or may not have read about my tank springing a leak. I am going to setup a 75 gal and transfer it as soon as my new RO Unit arrives. (Thursday it was in Washington State). I figure to start setting up the water and the sand and seed the top layer of sand with my sand.


Lisa had mistaken my Mixed Saltwater Container for a container of RO Water. (I keep 5 gallons mixed for water changes or leak additions..etc) Anyways to make a long story short, she topped off her tank with about 3 gallons or so of saltwater (29 gal with a 10 gal sump). First her Tang came up dead, then this morning she lost all of her fish, save a 4 Striped Damsel and possibly her clarkii clown (intensive care at the moment). She lost a royal gramma and a strawberry pseudochromis and her red lipped blenny as well as her peppermint shrimps and her bristle starfish (in intensive care as well but not looking good at all). She read her salinty with a refractometer at 1.030 and higher. She had to do a 2 gal water change with straight RO water and (because her nitrates had risen) Did another 4 gal water change with Premixed Saltwater to bring her levels to 1.023. (Nitrates back below 10 ppm). This right after we talked to a LFS to trade the Tang in for Store Credit. Her corals didn 't seem to be hurt but I warned her that the Corals could take longer to show any damage or change. Just goes to show, one small mistake can cost a lot.

She has since decide to go with cardinal fish and her clarkii and her damsel. Of course it is moot if we decide to combine tanks.

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Sorry to hear that Ray. I had the same fear when I was setting up all my buckets so I labeled the water change, top off, and salt buckets with masking tape.

I feel for ya man, hope you guys get everything worked out!

Ray1214 said:
BTW, the bottles are labeled, however I seem to be the only one that can keep it straight. And I just do salinity checks prior to using or filling my fill bottles. I guess I am paranoid.

Nope. I do the same thing
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