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Well after some thought, hard learned lessons and a lot of reading on TRT, I decided to get back in to the Nano Club. I have no Idea what I plan on putting into it yet. So far it is a 10 gallon tank with a current 65 watt light on it with 20lbs of already cycled sand from the LFS and 10lbs of cured live rock. I was talked into purchasing a new filter/skimmer combo called Supreme Skilter 250. The LFS stated he has had one on a Nano 20 in the store for over a year and he likes it....but I'll keep you posted. The tank has been up and running for two days and here are some pictures. I also used 50% new salt water and 50% saltwater from my display tank..worked out I needed to do a water change on the display also.

The tank tested:
ph - 8.0
Amm - 0
Ca - 510
KH - 8.6
Alk - 3.09
Nitrites - 0
Nitrates - 25
Pho - .25
salt 1.024
Temp 77
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