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back from hospital

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Im back from the hospital, spent almost 10 hours there.

They diagnosed me as having uper-abdominal gastritous <sp>.
In other words an infections of the stomach and esophogus<sp>.
They gave me alot of meds that should have stopped the pains but because they didn't cease I will go in tomorrow to have an ultra-sound done.

The good news is that its throat and stomach related and not heart and lung. I've never smoked, only drink a couple drinks about once a week. I do some running, but am a little overweight, so I was really hoping it was my heart or lungs. But the Doc says my 1/2 case of soda every day has to stop. GRRRR....the worst of all this is, is that my doctor put me on a "bland" diet, and tonight at work we are cooking 500 Brautworst for our 250 employees.....Brautworst are bland right?

Thanks for all the concern, and ill keep everyone informed on what is taking place, but for the time being it looks pretty good. I feel much better than I did last night, and my mind is at ease compared also.

Ill update on the tank in a seperate thread, as even with all of this, I have made some very small progress (planning and purchasing no physical labor today!).

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Hey Dave! Glad things turned out pretty good! Keep us updated!:)
Glad to here its treatable and not earth shattering serious. Then again I don't drink soda ;) Good News ,now back to the tank
That's good news, Dave!

(I thought I was bad at 4 cans of soda a day :eek: )
no mexican food for you for awhile! glad everything will be ok!
great news dave!!! glad to hear it buddy.

1/2 a case :) sounds like me!

btw: eat all the brats you want, as long as you dont put mustard and kraut on them, it'll be bland. :funny:
I should really check the dates and times on threads when I've been gone for days...

Glad to hear it isn't TOO serious, although it definitely doesn't sound like fun. I hope those meds kick in eventually, or they find something else that will.

The only thing I can compare to is the way sucky heartburn I had when I was pregnant...hey, you don't think...

well, that would explain being overweight :funny:
:funny: :funny: :funny:

I love this place! Who else could turn a report health scare into a grocery store tabloid headline

"TRT member shocks the nation with male pregnancy"

glad you're ok, Dave!
glad you're gonna be OK dave, just remember water and crackers for the next little while.
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