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Well, I made it back from Aruba (six day vacation with the family). No major problems with the tank - I was really sweating that one, but a good friend came over every day and checked the params and gave everyone a bit to eat.

I missed being able to check in on TRT, as I am afraid that I will miss some great information that I often get by just scanning the threads once or twice a day.

This was our second time to Aruba for my wife and I, last one was 8 years ago sponsored by my company at the time, and the snorkling was still great. The nice part about Aruba is that you can drive to a lot of places without having to pay to go on some sort of snorkling charter, which is quite expensive.

One of the best places is called "Baby Beach" and it is at the southern end of the island. We saw some great fish there, including:

large parrot fish
box fish
schools of different tangs (black and black with blue fins)
wrasses (peacocks, rainbows, green)

and lots of other species and shapes that I did not recognize. Just took the cameras to Wal Mart to get the underwater pictures developed, I will scan and post them if they come out okay.

Hope all is well with everyone "in the tank" :)


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Thats Awesome Ross, if you get to go again, you might want to see about getting a nice digi cam and suitable UW housing. Then again I think you might get a few divers to take pics for the paltry price of ticket;)
By all means post them when you get them back :D
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