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B-Ionic question

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I've been using the 2-part calcium/alkalinity supplement from ESV for awhile now, and although I'm pleased with the results (Ca = 400 ppm, dKH = 9.2), I've noticed that the stuff seems to have a transient effect on my salinity. I normally run a Sp.G. of 1.024, but if I check it right after dosing with the B-Ionic, it goes to 1.026. After a few hours, the Sp.G. settles back down to the usual 1.024.

Is this common with B-Ionic? Is it something I should concerned about? All the tank inhabitants look fine. I'm dosing at the rate of 15 ml of each component in a 65 gallon tank with about 75 lbs of LR. in it.

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What are you useing to measure the SG?
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